Morgenthal Frederics 30 Years of Signature Style

“30 Years of Signature Style”, Luxury eyewear brand Morgenthal Frederics’ 30th anniversary fall advertising campaign. As a New York City brand they wanted scenes around NYC. Photography and art direction by Chris Chieco. I did a total of 8. Most of these are big 36"x36" and took about 60 hours each. A killer workload but I am still alive. It was used for in-store displays, window displays, huge window banners, holiday cards, website, social media, and magazine print ads. Series selected for the 59th annual Society of Illustrators show (Jan 4 - Jan 28th 2017). And talk about luxury some of the frames are $2,000+!

Columbus Circle store front NYC
Central Park dog walkers, yep, that's a more handsomer idealized version of me down on the left.
Wall Street
Brooklyn Bridge
in front of the Madison Avenue store
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